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Community Groups

The Trinity Church gather each Sunday
at Dial Park Hall in Offerton.
We also also spend time together
throughout the week in our communities.
Every church member
is part of a community group
and although each community group is different,
they share a lot in common.

Where the ability to physically meet up is limited,
we use phones & the internet to bridge the gaps.
In our time together, we hope to see 
mutual support & encouragement,
fellowship, discipleship, counselling,
challenge, correction,
training & equipping for leadership,

We pray, sing, listen to music, watch films,
study the Bible & other Christian books,
play games, eat meals, etc.
Many of us have big families
with lots of children of different ages
and we like to get them involved
in as much as we do as possible.
We go on trips to the park or
to get involved in different kinds
of fun activities.
We also make sure to have time
with just the adults,
so we can have intimate conversations
about things which may not be
suitable for children’s ears.
We reach out to the community
outside our church too
and invite our other friends to join us
for some of our activities,
so they can hopefully catch a glimpse
of what it’s like to be part of God’s family.

Below are some of our current
Community Group locations:




Hazel Grove


Stockport Central



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