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The Trinity Church History

The precise beginnings of the church
are currently unknown 
but it was originally connected in some way to the
Four Square Gospel Pentecostal movement
and began somewhere around the 1930-1940s.
The church met on Bloom Street in Edgeley,
where they met up until 2003.

In the 1950s the church became part of
the "Church of Christ" denomination.

In the early 1970s, Dean Wegwart served as
Pastor of the church.
In the late 1970s, Lord Street Mission began helping
and eventually took over the church.
At this time the church was renamed
Emmanuel Evangelical Church
and Derek Cartwright served as Pastor.

In the 1980s, some of the church left to start
Grace Baptist Church in Cheadle Heath

By the 1990s the church were seeking revitalisation
and made contact with
"Church on the Way" in Bradford
(a Calvary Chapel church).

Derek Cartwright developed a relationship with
Jim Smith from Church on the Way
who put them in touch with Brian Broderson
of Calvary Chapel Westminster
and his assistant Ken Sutton in 1997.

In February 1998, Ken Sutton became Pastor of
Emmanuel Evangelical Church,
which joined the Calvary Chapel denomination
as Calvary Chapel Stockport, in March 1999.

At the end of 2000,
Ken Sutton and his family returned to the USA .

In January 2001,
Mike Murray became Pastor of the church. 

In March 2003, the Bloom Street building
was sold and subsequently demolished
and the church began to meet in
St Matthews Primary School in Edgeley.

Mike Murray left in March 2004,
at which point Kirk Crager became the Pastor.

In late 2004,
the church began meeting at Whitfield House
under the Stockport viaduct.

In 2005,
the church began meeting at Stockport College.

In June 2008, the church began meeting
in a rented pair of converted shops
on Didsbury Road in Heaton Norris.

In August 2010,
the church left the Calvary Chapel denomination
and relaunched as a non-demoninational church
by the name of The Bridgeway Church.

Shortly after this,
it joined the FIEC & Acts 29 network.

In 2017, the church began meeting at
Stockport Disability Centre
as the building at Didsbury Road was being sold
and was subsequently demolished.

In August 2018, Kirk Crager and his family
returned to the USA,
at which point Adam Rochford and Danny Burgess
became Pastors of the church.

In May 2019, the church began to meet at
Dial Park Hall on Offerton Estate.

In 2021, the church took on its new name,
The Trinity Church.

Later in 2021,
James Coetzee-Suddaby and Nathan Joseph,
joined Adam and Danny as Pastors of the Church.

In 2022, The Trinity Church joined
the Medhurst Ministries church network.

The Trinity Church is grateful
for nearly a century of rich history.

We're thankful to all the faithful Christians
who, by the grace of God, laboured in the gospel
to leave this legacy for us to continue.

We look forward expectantly
to the revealing of God's plans for our future.

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