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Sunday Worship Service


Bible Reading

We aim to base our entire lives around
the truths of God’s word
which are found in the Bible.

We include multiple Bible readings in each service.
We have Bibles available for free use
which are the English Standard Version

but we welcome you to bring your own bibles
to read from if you would prefer.


Eating & Drinking/
The Lord's Supper

Each Sunday we bring food and drinks
to share together.

All are welcome to join in with us.

We see this as an important time for us to connect
and enjoy each other’s company.

We also take bread & wine
based on the command of Jesus,
as a way of remembering him.

This is a sacred act,
we ask people not to join in
unless they trust in Jesus
& have turned from sin. 



We set aside time during our service
to express the loving unity we have
as God’s church together.

The aim is to use this time
to love and serve each other well.

This could include: Confessing, praying,
counselling, encouraging, comforting,
theologising, etc.

We love using this time to serve visitors
by answering questions
or offering any support we can.



Prayer is one of the primary ways
we communicate with God.

We praise God for who he is,
thank him for what he’s done,
and express our love for him.

We ask him to be with us,
comfort us, guide us,
help us, & support us.

We pray before the service begins
and also at various times throughout.


Bible Preaching

Our preaching is based on what the Bible teaches.

We generally preach through books of the bible
one by one. (We’re currently in Matthew)

We aim for the main points of the bible verses
to be the main points of our sermons.

We record sermons for future listening
but encourage our members to listen in person
whenever possible.



We sing at a couple of different points
throughout our service.

We sing for various different reasons.
Some songs are prayers directly to God
(praise, thanksgiving, petitions, etc).

Other songs are about God
but sung to each other,
reminding us who God is and what he’s done.


Sunday School

We provide childcare, fun activities,
and bible teaching for all children aged 0-11.

For more information, check out
the “Children” section of our website.

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