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The South Manchester Project

The Trinity Church is mainly based in Stockport
but we have a strong desire to see more done
throughout South Manchester.

We have members in Longsight/Levenshulme
and desire to launch a Sunday gathering
for South Manchester in the near future.

In order for this to happen,
we need Christians to join us
who are willing to invest long-term into this vision.


The Project

The South Manchester Project is a ministry of
The Trinity Church based in Longsight

& Levenshulme. We desire to reach out
with the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ to
the South Manchester area.

In the near future we hope to establish
a new independent church in South Manchester,

with its own leaders, members,
and Sunday Worship Service.

We need your help!
South Manchester is a large area consisting of
a variety of different districts

each with their own eclectic culture
and beautiful blend of diverse
multiethnic people groups.

We dearly love all the friends we have
throughout these districts,

but without a local base, it’s difficult for us
to reach and serve them in the way we desire.

Our current base in Offerton (Stockport)
is quite far away.

Could you be one of the people/couples/families
God might be calling to join/support the project?

Here are 4 ways we'd love you to
consider supporting the project:



We’re looking for people
who’ve been transformed by the love of God

and are ready to make a long term commitment
to love the church
and the people of South Manchester.

We’re all imperfect people,
so we expect there’ll be many difficulties
in loving a flawed and broken church
and reaching a world
which rejects and persecutes you.

We don’t think it will be easy
but we know it will be worth it.

If you’re obsessed with Jesus like we are
and you want to join our mission
to share his love with South Manchester,

please contact us via the form
near the bottom of the page.

We expect that many people would love to join
but may already be committed
to another church family
and reaching out to a different area.

We value these commitments
and we don’t desire anyone to join us
from a different church
without prayerfully considering it
and receiving the full approval
of their church Elders.
It might be the case that you’re not suitable
to join at this time
but you may still desire to support in other ways,
here are a few ways you can do that:



Click here to make
a donation to the project.

Funds may go towards:
Helping the homeless,
Renting buildings for meetings,
Bibles or other Christian resources,
Full-time staff (Elders, Evangelists, etc.),
Equipment for creating online content,
Outreach events,



You may know people who’d be interested
in joining or supporting us in some way.

You could support our mission by
spreading news of the project and its needs.

This could be in person or online,
within your church or with other Christians
you’re connected with.

Sharing with more people creates
a greater opportunity to be discovered
by those who'll most want to be involved.



Possibly the most important way
you could support is by praying for us.

Please pray God brings the right people
to participate in, publicise,
and provide for the project.

Please pray God gives us wisdom
in our planning, preparing, and proceeding.

Please pray God would help us to decide…
What’s the best approach?
Do we need a building?
or do we just meet in homes?

If we did get a building,
where exactly should it be?
and how big?

Which areas should we spend the most time in?
What should our online presence be like?
What sort of needs in the community
should we focus on trying to help?

Please pray that God would lead us to…
Trust Him, love Him, appreciate Him,
enjoy him, obey Him,

Be united as a church
(of one mind & spirit, loving each other well),

Connect with other churches
and form strong, mutually beneficial relationships,

Have healthy expectations of
each other, the project, & life in general,

Find and rent/buy properties close together
& build community well,

Make good connections with the communities,
Please pray that God would…
Cause us to grow in the gifts
and fruit of the Spirit,

Grant us unction in preaching the gospel,
Soften hearts
and make them receptive to the gospel,

Gift people with faith in the gospel
and repentance from sin,

Use us to bless and redeem the communities,

If you're interested in being involved in the project
or if you'd like more information,
please express your interest using the form below:

Thanks for submitting!

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